NFL Halftime Show Experience

The NFL experience is like no other!   And a dream of almost every dancer!


Solid Hip Hop, The Battle’s 1st company was created to make a Way for dancers to perform without having to compete. Solid Dance Battle provides an opportunity for dancers of all levels to train and perform on at major events without having to compete

Starting with simple street shows, Solid has managed to  turn Solid Hip Hop into NFL halftime shows all around the United States. 

A dancer as a child dreams to one day finally get the chance to be on the football field in an NFL show.  Their entire family will be watching them either from the stand or from the screen.

NFL Shows booked for the 2022 Season include L.A.Bowl, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Texas Bowl, Los Angeles Rams, and Las Vegas Raiders.



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NFL Performance Opportunities and the exclusive L.A.Bowl at SoFi!

Auditions are required to perform at NFL Shows and the College Bowl Game!

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All Halftime performances will be streamed online!

Each year we will announce a new state and team that we will be traveling to. Our goal is to one day finally get in to all 50 states and do the halftime shows each and every year, and give these opportunities to dancers all over the United States.

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