NFL and College Bowl Rules and Regulations


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NFL HALFTIME EXPERIENCE’ Requirements and Pricing  

  • Registration fee: $25.00 per dancer

Monthly Choreography classes: $49.00


Contemporary – $15.00 a month

Weekly online LIVE classes are an option if you feel your child will learn better this way. This fee is $15.00 month.


Saturday and Sunday training
$55.00 Includes both days (NOT Due until one month before the game)


$35.00 (NOT Due until one month before the game.)


The date of the game is announced by the NFL, usually no later than the middle of May. We do not have control over when they release the dates.

When you register, you can decide to be billed monthly or pay upfront and get a discount.


$49.00 (one time fee)

Costumes will be distributed the Saturday before the game AFTER TRAINING HAS ENDED. Should there be any size issues, you will exchange right then and there.


    All dancers will provide shoes.  Shoe design will be emailed after registration.

    Black ANKLE length leggings – any brand.


    High ponytail, straight. Well-manicured required.

    All dancers will wear under eye football makeup, black eyeliner, silver eyeshadow, red lipstick, red blush. (Makeup should be dark!) Dancers’ faces are hard to see otherwise. DANCERS provide their own makeup.


    4 per dancer required (NFL REQUIREMENT, No exception!) If a family has two or more dancers in the show, EACH additional dancer is required to purchase two tickets. You are free to sell extra tickets to family or friends. Each half-time has a required number of ticket sales. Prices, dependent on the specific game, generally are between $35-$55 per ticket)

    You will have the opportunity to upgrade tickets to the 1st five rows at this time. 1st five rows will be charged an additional $20.00 per ticket. This is a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Front row ticket sales will begin July 15th, and when sold out, the option will be removed. Every person entering the Stadium is required to have a ticket. Stay and watch the game! Some dancers leave after half-time, and some stay, entirely up to you.


      We have two different payment options. Our goal is to accommodate all budgets  

      1. Pay in full upfront for a $25.00 discount (TICKETS EXCLUDED)

      2. Choose our Easy Payment Plan.

      Monthly choreography fees are recurring on the 1st of the month, each month, for six months. Six months of training fees are required, no matter when the dancer auditions and begins the class. Even if you sign up later, the same number of classes are required, and dancers will be given the amount of time necessary to learn all choreography. This will be determined by The Battle Staff.

      • Please see the registration payment sheet for details and pick what works for you. You will be billed accordingly and will pay all payments online.



      Training will be taught in weekly increments, and dancers will have cut-off dates to learn choreography.

      All dancers have a MANDATORY ZOOM IN PERSON check-in on the 4th Sunday of each month with the SOLID BATTLE STAFF. Dancers are expected to know their choreography or risk being cut at that time.

      This is the time for Dancers to ask questions and get answers. PRIVATES are available for those dancers who want more help. (See optional below)

      When you are accepted for a half-time show, you will click that half-time specific schedule, and depending on what level you are on, you will follow that specific training schedule. (Example listed on the drop-down menu above)

      New choreography will be posted each Monday by 5:00 pm Pacific time.

        Game Dates and field training locations will be specified by the NFL SCHEDULE and will be announced no later than June 1st.

        Training location will be announced by email 1-2 months prior to your half-time show. The location will be 10-15 miles from the Stadium where you are performing.

        TRAINING IS DROP-OFF ONLY! NO PARENTS WILL BE ALLOWED AT ANY TRAINING AT ANY TIME. Parents of younger dancers with specific concerns, reach out to J.R. at


        ALL dancers are strongly encouraged to attend Friday night training. Should your dancer make VIP, you will be REQUIRED to attend FRIDAY night training. (See optional VIP info below)


        • Saturday before the game, between 9 am-5 pm.
          ● Sunday, arrive 5 hours before game time. Train and then head to the Stadium.

          Auditions are required to perform. Auditions are for level placement. There are a limited number of slots available at each NFL game, and they may vary from game to game. Once they are filled, we will close registration. THE GAME DAY DATE will be announced on June 1st. If you are waiting for the game date to decide, we suggest you register to audition, so you have an audition slot. Then you can decide to move forward once the game date is announced.

          GAMEDAY INSTRUCTIONS… What to expect? FAQ


          A CHAPERONE IS PROVIDED FOR EVERY 10 DANCERS. All chaperones are vetted through a background check.

          Parents will be provided with the first and last name and cell phone number of your dancer’s chaperone. You will be able to contact the chaperones at any time during training or while on the field for the show.

          ONLY DANCERS, CHAPERONES, AND OUR STAFF ARE ALLOWED AT TRAINING. ABSOLUTELY NO PARENTS. Allow us to do our job by not asking us to perform while learning. Students are more focused and behave better when parents are not watching over their shoulders.


          Dancers are to be dropped off at training, picked up from training, and driven to the Stadium BY THEIR PARENTS. You are required to stay with your dancer until we go through the gate.

          YOU will know the EXACT GATE where you pick your dancer up afterward and are expected to be there immediately after the game.

          WE ARE ESCORTED BY STADIUM STAFF SECURITY through the tunnel and to the field, along with dancers’ chaperones. We will meet you directly after the show at the previously specified gate. PLEASE be there to pick your dancer/s. Pick-up names will be listed with the chaperone, and you MUST SHOW ID TO PICK up your dancer.

          Instructions are subject to change per Stadium each year and, therefore, will not be posted until 1-2 months before the game.

          Families should plan an all-day event.

          Training on game day is 3-10 hours (depending on age group) with obvious breaks. Dancers Ages 5-7 will be no longer than 3 hours. (Unless they are in an advanced group)

          ONLY dancers, chaperones, and Solid Staff will be allowed on the field. Parents WILL NOT go down to the field.

          Gate entry, drop off, etc., will be specified, depending on Stadium, in a timely manner before game day.


            We strongly recommend booking a hotel near the Stadium for Friday and Saturday nights. Suggested hotels will be posted as game day approaches.

              **OPTIONAL** – Privates

              Privates will be available as time permits. Email to request. SOLID staff will set you up with the best SOLID choreographer to help your child.

              Privates Pricing:
              30 minutes – $55.00
              1 hour – $99.00

              Should you want to share a private session with a friend – $125.00 (1 hour required, limited to 2 dancers)


                Dancers will have the opportunity to audition to become a VIP at the NFL half-time show. The audition is held one month before the half-time show they are involved in.

                What is VIP?

                VIP dancers will dance in the first three rows of the performance and will be given specialty parts. NOTE: PARENTS, DANCERS, AND STUDIO OWNERS. You are all coming together to put on one show. This is NOT a competition.

                Every dancer cannot be in the first three rows.

                The VIP decision beforehand assures each dancer their position before dancers come together in person. Dancers arrive with that understanding. VIP will be required to be at training the Friday before the Halftime show to learn their extra parts for the show.

                Additional cost for VIPs:
                $45.00 FRIDAY week of game training.

                $25.00 for the VIP T-shirt worn at all training.

                $59.00 for the VIP extra costume piece.

                Half-time Memorabilia will be available in our BATTLE store (Coming Soon)
                T-shirts, Hoodies, NFL Halftime medals, and more! We will send this info out when available!