Dance saved my life Over and over and over– J.R.

Tik Tok Opportunity!

The Battle owner trained Miss Kelsii Davies for Over 10 years. Kelsii will be at the battle scouting for one particular dancer to join her on an exclusive video and be featured on her Tik Tok with over 4.5 million followers. Open to all ages and levels.

VIP Performer!

Audition required. Invite only.

Dancers Who are chosen to be featured in the NFL/College Bowl or Celebrity performance will have the chance to be chosen to Audition for VIP.

VIP is the way the choreographers will decide front 4 rows before you arrive at In person training. 


Get on the BATTLE APP!

Sign up to get the chance to be featured in a choreography class on the actual BATTLE APP. 

These dancers are guaranteed at least one of the special performance opportunities THE BATTLE brings to you. 

Hollywood agent opportunities!

The Battle will scouting certain advanced dancers to submit their remake to top Hollywood agents.

Connecting dancers closer to their dream. If this is something they want to pursue.


Scholar elite battle kid!

Each year dancers are rewarded for good grades! Submit your report card 3 months before the battle and  you will be announced on the battles live stream and will

Be announced in the finals as a scholar elite battle kid.

Battle mascots!

MEET THE JUDGES FACE TO FACE, and get an autographed souvenir battle shirt. 

Battle Mascots will be chosen from the BATTLE.

One in each age category. All levels and all ages have this opportunity to be chosen. Dancers will show leadership qualities while at the same time be humble and an all around nice and supportive dancer to all!  Special privileges and responsibilities involved.