The First Ever Solid Dance Battle at SoFi Stadium!


3 Rounds | 3 Levels | 3 Winners

Taking competition back to what it should be!

Only 3 winners in each style and level!

What place will you win-gold,silver or bronze!

The battle is not only a competition.

Your dancer can audition to perform with our celebrity judges during the battle.

Three rounds!

Three performances!

You don’t have to compete in the battle for this opportunity.

Calling all dancers, all ages, all levels.  You have the chance to perform with our celebrity judges at SoFi Stadium!

Coming to a city near you this summer.  Register for your audition now!

Studio owners-sign up to host open calls now!

Can you guess our celebrity judges??


An executive producer and choreographer of “Disney Fam Jam,” the NEW family dance competition show on The Disney Channel based off of his viral sensation “The Parent Jam™.” he founded “The Parent Jam™” in 2017 when he was inspired to bring kids and their families together through dance. Streamed online, his high energy dance classes are designed to encourage positivity, love and understanding within families around the world. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Lil Nas X, Will Smith, MC Hammer, TLC and G-Eazy and Cardi B.

An award-winning singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, social media force, and philanthropist. Whether speaking to a staggering online following of millions, performing alongside A-list superstars, starring in film and television projects, or lighting up original music of her own, the South Florida-born multi-talent engages, enlivens, and enchants audiences no matter what she does. With millions of streams and views and high-profile nominations such as “Social Star” at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards to her credit, she remains primed to make a global impact with her debut for Mr. 305 Records—the label founded and run by GRAMMY® Award-winning international icon, Pitbull.

Born and raised in Ukraine before he moved to Oklahoma at twelve years old. No one in his hometown was invested in dance, so it was something he had to learn on his own. He made it his mission to move to the West Coast where he knew he could grow as a performer. After high school, he relocated to Vegas where he began training, going to dance battles, and meeting people in the industry. In 2018, he placed fourth as a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance. He then started to make videos of himself and post them on Instagram capturing the attention of people from all over the world.

The celebrity judges will be announced July 15th

Compete in one or all three styles.

Contemporary and Jazz


Contemporary Hip Hop


Hip Hop


Questions regarding what category your routine falls in should be referred to the Battle staff.

When in doubt … ask the Battle.

NFL Performance Opportunities and the exclusive L.A.Bowl at SoFi!

Auditions are required to perform at NFL Shows and the College Bowl Game!

Audition tour is happening now!  Limited spots available!  Don’t miss your chance!  Audition now!

The Battle App is like no other!

All performance choreography will be taught in the app.

Just like everything with the Battle, we do things differently. We want to create new and fun experiences that the kids cannot get anywhere else.

Online classes can be tedious; however, we designed our Battle APP to engage each participant. The kids will look forward to a new environment each week, creating epic class experiences for students.

Class Examples include but are not limited to: Weekly instructional choreography.

Hollywood – A short tour of Hollywood, ending with learning in downtown Hollywood!

SoFi Stadium – Home of the Solid Dance Battle. A tour of the stadium to see where the EPIC dance battle will take place, ending with learning at the actual stadium.

Scenic beaches, etc.


Women’s workout channel coming soon!

Owner J.R. and our epic Battle Staff will post weekly instructional videos! The kids will go on a small adventure to a new area, making each lesson exciting and unique! The kids get to see some extraordinary surroundings they otherwise may not be able to see. The Battle Staff will engage with dancers in every class as if they are actually in the classroom. Choreography is taught in 8 counts, so dancers can easily follow along. The class videos will be shot from the front, back, and side view angles. We’ll post new choreography each week with a recap of previous lessons. Surprise challenges randomly appear in the app so that members can look forward to additional bonus challenges. Win prizes online! For all events, members can log in to see the progress of fellow members around the country and gauge their progress against their peers. Knowing their status empowers them to work harder, prepares them for the event, and allows them to collaborate with the community they will meet at the shows!



Available to download June 1, 2022!

“Solid Dance Battle’s unique online choreography learning videos are so much fun!  I love it!!”

Jane Doe